Saturday, May 4, 2013

Things to come

June 1st I walk into community in Sophia, NC. I have no idea what I am walking into. At all. Ha. But I know that is likely going to be the most incredibly life changing, breakthrough-packed summer of my life, because these last few months have been some of the most difficult I have ever walked through.
If I were to be totally honest, I would have to admit that there have been several times when I have wanted to throw my heart against a wall and curse God and quit. There have been a couple times when I know that I was being hung on to by a thread. (note: I was not hanging on... I had let go. He was hanging on to me.) I know that the only reason that I made it is because of His grace. I had several people who prayed intently for me during these past couple months, and I know full well that their prayers changed the direction that I was set on going. [Side note: I do NOT have it all together now. I am still greatly struggling, but He is Faithful to me.]
Back to the NC thing. I am doing a program called the 18inchjourney this summer. I am greatly excited about it. I know that it is going to be intensely challenging and wonderful. I get more excited everyday! I know that I will be stretched so much. I know that I will encounter Papa in a way like I have never encountered Him before. I am anxious and excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. 
Papa, I don't know what you are doing. But You are good. So do it big in me.