Saturday, July 2, 2011

In the blink of an eye

Police lights flashing, heads turning, a child crying, debris fills the street
The shattered pieces of the windshield perfectly depict what life will be like for this family the next few years
In a matter of seconds, her heart beat it's last. 
Life left her body.
She didn't know that she was in her last hours when she left the house that day. 
She didn't think it would all happen so fast.
No one expected it to happen to her.
It all happened in the blink of an eye.
Today I caught a glimpse of how fragile life is. 
A friend of mine from high school was hit by an 18 wheeler this week. He is still alive, however there is bleeding on his brain. He is unconscious still. I believe that he will live by God's grace and mercy. Still, it really woke me up to life. I have no idea when I will stand before Jesus. I have no way of knowing when my loved ones will enter eternity. I don't know when Jesus will come back. I have no control over my life. I have no control over my body. I can't will my heart to beat. I can't make my brain function. I can barely walk in a straight line with out tripping... :) How could I even begin to think that I will live another day. I don't know when Jesus wants me to enter my eternal reward. I have no way of knowing.
Not only can I not control my life, I can't control anyone else's either. What have I done with the time that has been given to me? What am I doing to impact eternity? Am I making the most of every opportunity to win souls and make disciples? Will I have fruit that remains? I have to be honest, I have not done all I should. I have really slacked off when it comes to really presenting the gospel to people. Yeah, I do it at outreaches, in life groups, and things like that... but what about that girl I just walked by... She is an eternal being too. 
Everyone on this planet is an eternal being. They will spend eternity somewhere. Heaven, or hell. As a believer, it is my responsibility to see that they hear the gospel and are given a clear opportunity to make their choice. It is my responsibility to see them delivered and discipled. What am I doing with the souls that are entrusted to me? Am I being sensitive to the Holy Spirit? Or am I pleasing my flesh? Am I too concerned about my schedule and time line that I pass up souls that are ripe for the harvest? Am I letting the harvest rot in the field? I can't wait for someone else to lead the way and bring in the harvest. It is my joy. And I do it out of a love for my king. A passionate love that causes me to lay awake at night crying for souls. I do it out of a passionate love for Jesus and a compassionate love for people. Jesus did not die on the cross so I can comfortably follow my routine and schedule. He died on the cross so that all people can be free from the bondage of sin and sickness. He did it so that all may know Him. 
He is the author of life. He holds my life in his hands.

I'll add more later.

On another note... tonight we threw a surprise party for a friend. It was amazing! She was totally clueless and surprised! We had a lot of fun, but I was exhausted. I donated blood today in my friend's name. So I was just feeling really weak still. It was a super fun party though! In our party bags we got stick on mustaches. They were sooo funny! We took pictures with them... but I don't know that I want to post them anywhere!!!!! Kinda humiliating! Oh well. Bed time for me!

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