Sunday, June 23, 2013


I didn't have a blog planned to post this weekend, so I guess I will just ramble on for a little bit. This week was Holy Spirit and Peace Week. My small group had kitchen clean up and set up. Our surprises this week were the art museum and the John Mark McMillan concert. John Mark anD Sarah come play every year. They do it totally for free. It's a night that us students are just loved and lavished with good things. After a lovely dinner, we had to stay up at the farm house until they called us down. Once we were summoned, we walked down to the most beautiful set up (besides illuminary night). We had cheesecake for dessert under the beautiful lights and of course, coffee! John Mark did a beautiful job of ushering us into the presence of God. It was wonderful, but I had a really rough night. I spiraled for a while, and finally went to Melissa and asked her to pray with me. Ella (my small group leader) came over and rubbed my back and prayed for me too. I talked with Ella for like an hour after. Little Haven (Peach) came over and sat in my lap for a while because she was sleepy. She's probably my favorite 7 year old. She comes up to me every time she sees me and hugs me and says "Hey Joy!" Melts my heart every time!!!!
The Art museum was so stinking wonderful! I love Art museums so much! I wish we could have spent 4 more hours there! We had sketching permits, so that was super fun! I left feeling so full and inspired!
Today we are shopping and just hanging out! Again, I'm the only American!!!!! I'm with 4 other nations today- Costa Rica, Switzerland, Finland, and New Zealand. Full heart! :)

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