Saturday, July 11, 2009

Intro to my life!

Well, at the request of a dear friend I decided to get a blog. I'm not really sure what I should write about for my first ever entry. I wish I had something profound to say, something to make you think, but sadly, I do not. I don't even know where to start. Maybe I could just talk about my life. Let you get to know me? Okay, Where to start?
The Little Princess
Once upon a time there was a princess. She was oh so beautiful. She twirled and sang as the kingdom watched. All their attention was on her every move. She was loved and cherished. She was given all she could ever ask for or imagine. One day, the Princess realized that as she danced and sang in her beautiful white gown, the kingdom of people appeared smaller. She wasn't being cheered for as loudly, or smiled at with such adoration. She realized that her Mother and Father had given their attention to other tasks. They were always busy. Running here and there, they cast the princess aside. The Princess was hurt, but made herself continue to dance. She danced for the many people in her daddy's kingdom. The Royal Family. Now, in this royal family there were some very wounded people. Other Princes and Princesses that did not know what it was like to be smiled upon. They were jealous of the little princess. They decided to do something terrible to her. They locked her away in a terrible room and stripped her of her white gown. They wounded her and stole the pure, white gown from her and replaced it with dirty, torn robes. The princess felt such shame. "How could they do this to me?" She thought as she tried to pick up the broken pieces of her heart and piece them back together. As time went on, things only got worse. She tried to ignore the dirty rags she now wore. She was ashamed of them. She hid away in her inner chamber. She wanted to believe that she would still be smiled upon, but was afraid to show herself to her mother and father, for she feared that they would cast her away once again because she had lost her Pure, White gown. So she continued to hide. Some nights, she would sneak out, looking for something to fill her hungry, empty stomach and heal her broken, empty soul. She would go out into the streets, disguised, and dance for all to look on. As she danced, crowds gathered. She was the center of their attention. Young men whistled, and would toss coins, comments, and persuasive smiles. "Come with me." They would whisper, I will take care of you. The little princess was scared to go with them, though their attention made her feel special, she didn't find the love she was looking for. She continued her search. Back in the inner chambers she would cry, as she remembered who she once was. The Princess she wanted to be. Pure, valued, loved, worthy. But there she sat, too scared to approach the King. She knew that if she approached Him, He would help her. But she was afraid of what He might cause her to think of. Where He might tell her to go. What He might say to her. So night after night, she cried herself to sleep. One evening, after contemplating all day long what she might do to find love, she set out once again, disguised. She met some kids about her age. They also were of the royal blood, they too had been in hiding, wounded by the Evil One. She stayed with them and they showed her many new things. She experimented with all sorts of things trying to find love. Natural and unnatural, she tried to find something to fill her wounded soul. As time went on, she still felt broken and used. In fact, the things she had tried had just left her feeling more broken, more used, and more dirty. She decided to return to her inner chamber, locking herself away once again. One night as she gazed into the cool water below her window, she caught a glimpse of her self. She saw a dirty, torn, rag wearing girl. She didn't look like a princess at all. She felt ugly, worthless, taken advantage of, and hopeless. She felt like she deserved to be punished. She began to obsess over her appearance. "Maybe that's why they hurt me," She thought. "I am worthless, I am nothing, I deserve to die," she cried. "I am unwanted, my mother and father don't even care enough to find me! It would be better if I was dead!" She tried and tried, but to no avail, death would not come. Since she couldn't find death, she resorted to other things, evil things, painful things. She would sit in the corner of her room and hurt herself. She felt so worthless. So empty, that once again she set out for love. She sold herself to the men she once despised. She didn't care how white her gown once was, she just wanted to feel loved, protected, valued, worthy. She was left still feeling emptier and abandoned. Finally, she returned to her inner chamber. Hopeless. On her door was a note. It was sealed with the Kings signet ring. He had extended his scepter of love to her many years ago, even before she had decided to set out on her search for love. Oh what joy this brought the Princess! The note read, "My Dear Princess, I have waited many years for you to come to me. I have wanted to show you my Love. Why have you continued to hide from your King. I have seen you in your search. It has broken my heart to see you there. Why are you satisfied with the Prince and the Pauper when Your King is enthralled with your Beauty? I don't see your rags. The Evil one has distorted your perception of yourself. You are beautiful. Why are you dancing with the peasants when you were born to dance with the King? Listen to me, O Royal Daughter, Forget your people and your Father's house, For Your Royal Husband delights in Your Beauty, Honor Me, For I AM Your Lord. Princesses in other kingdoms will shower you with gifts, the wealthy will beg your favor. Come in my Courts! I have waited so long for you! I have heard your cries in the night hours as you have desperately searched for Love. Didn't you know that the entire time, Love was here, waiting for you? The Scepter of Grace and Love has been extended to you already, Why didn't you come? I have called you by name. I want to show you My Love. Did you not hear my song. I played my music for you as you danced, hoping you would run to me. I have waited so long for you. Darling, you are beautiful. I want to hold you, Let me hold you. I know the tears you have cried, but you are the Apple of My Eye. I don't care what you've been through, just let me hold you. Come, Rest in my arms. I know the plans I have for you, They are plans to prosper you. I will not harm you, because I Love you. Yes, I love you with and Unfailing Love. My arms are open Wide. Won't you come and rest inside. In the Shadow of my Wings.* In my inner courts. In the Inner Courts of the King. You will find healing here with Me. I AM still calling you, It is not too late. Come as you are. I LOVE YOU." The Princess looked at her reflection one last time. She realized that Under the rags, she was still the Princess. And she realized that the King was waiting on her! The LOVE she had been searching for was found with Him. She ran to her King. She approached Him confidently. The King lavished His Love on the Princess. He restored her. He touched her wounds and they were Healed. He clothed her in the most Beautiful, White, Flowing Gown she had ever seen. He took away her rags. He took away her mourning and clothed her in Robes of Righteousness and of Joy. She Married the King. To this day, the Princess can be found in the inner courts of Her King. The Bride, the Princess, looks glorious in her gown. In her beautiful robes, she is led to the King, accompanied by her bridesmaids. What a joyful and enthusiastic procession as they enter the King's Palace.**  The Princess still will go out into the night, only she no longer disguises herself, and she doesn't go out searching for Love. Now, She has Love Himself holding her hand. Together, they show others The Way to find Love. Hand in Hand. Heart in Heart. Step by Step. They rescue other lost Princesses and walk with them to the Inner Courts of the King of Kings. 

* "Love's Song" by Joy Smith
**(Psalm 45:10-15)

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