Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Wall

There was a young girl named Candid.* She lived in a simple house. In a simple forrest. With simple possessions, but oh, how she cherished her possessions. Candid felt alone many nights. Because she lived in the middle of the simple forrest, she didn't get to enjoy the company of people often. She was a very trusting girl and strived to see the best in everyone she was able to meet.
Every night, a friend came to visit her. His name was Zareh.**Candid cherished their time together. He would tell her of great and glorious things. She loved spending time with him. He was so wise, so loving. He told her of her worth, her value. He told her who she was, and who she was capable of being.
One night, Candid met a new man. His name was Zared.*** He knocked on the door of her simple house. He was an attractive man, with a smooth manner about him. He used sweet words to persuade Candid to let him in to her simple house. They sat at the simple table and ate muffins and drank warm milk together. 
Night after night, Zared would come, knock on her door, and together, they would eat muffins, drink milk, and talk about various things. 
When Zareh would come to visit, Candid would be so entranced by the words of Zared she wouldn't notice he was even there. Zareh never complained, but he always left her a note. 
The note read, "Candid, never forget who you are and who you can be. Do not allow others to deceive you. Use wisdom when listening to the words of others. Don't believe the lies that say you are worthless. Remember who you were created to be. I love you." 
Zared told Candid many things. He introduced her to many new ideas and ways. Candid continued to listen to his words, not realizing that with each word she listened to, he stole the things she held closest to her heart. She never read the note. 
Many weeks later, she began to notice that things she once admired were missing. She realized that many of her possessions had been ruined, or stolen. She felt trapped by the words of Zared, but she knew not how to escape. She felt betrayed and hurt. So she set out on a mission to protect her self, to keep herself from ever being hurt again. She forgot all about the words of Zareh. 
She began to build a wall. She worked day after day to build a thick wall around her simple home. Through sweat and tears, she built the wall. Only wanting to never again feel the hurt of man. She kept to her self. She refused to talk to anyone who passed by. She was so afraid to be hurt again. To have the things she held closest to her stolen. Finally she finished the wall. She felt secure knowing she would never be hurt, but at the same time, she was filled with so much hurt. The missing possessions and the wall was a daily reminder of the pain and hurt she felt. 
Months turned into years. She had grown cold and hard. Vines grew thick over her wall and her once beautiful yard was covered in thorns and weeds. She felt so lonely, and she missed her time with Zareh. How she longed to see him. To hear what he had to say to her. But she was trapped inside her wall. No entrance and no exit. She was alone. 
One morning, she looked out her window, she could hear someone calling her name. It was faint, but she recognized the voice, but was unsure of how. She flew open her door, fought painfully through the first rows of thorn bushes, eager for the possibility of having company, but tripped and fell to the ground. There was no way she could get out. she was stuck. "Candid," She heard it again. "yes?" she called out. She suddenly was overtaken with feelings of shame. She was a mess. Everything was a mess. 
"Candid, Here I am!"
 Wiping away tears she called back, "Go Away!" 
"Candid, I still love you. Remember who you are!" The gentle voice called back. 
Suddenly she remembered who he was. Zareh!! She was still afraid and ashamed. She called out to him, "Zareh, I miss our talks!" 
"Then let me in" He replied.
"I can't!" She sobbed. "There is no way in or out, I am trapped!" 
Zareh was silent for a few moments. "Do you want out?" He asked. Candid thought for a moment. She had been in this place for so long. She had forgotten what it was like to be free. To feel. To trust. To love. "Do you?" Zareh asked again. "Yes!" Candid cried. She wanted to be free. "But how?" She cried out. "There is no door!" 
Zareh replied, "I have made a way for you to be free. It was planned long ago. Before you even knew me. I died to set you free. But you must be willing. You must desire to have these walls broken down."
"I am willing! Whatever it takes! I want to be free again!" Candid was desperate for freedom. 
Zareh said, "Then you must stop listening to the lies of the Evil one, Zared. He came to steal your identity, kill your dreams, and destroy your life. Stop believing what he has told you, and trust me. I will protect you."
"I do!" Candid called out. At that, the rocky wall began to crumble. "I trust you!!" She cried out, and she ran in to his arms. 
The End


There are so many walls that I have built up around my heart. So many areas that I have not listened to the life-giving words of the Lord, and have believed the lies of the enemy. These walls have gotten me no where. They do nothing for me. Only the Lord can truly protect me. As I have tried to protect myself, by my own efforts, I have allowed the lies that I hated to breed and spread. What may have started off as one simple word has spread like a deadly disease. It has spread to all areas, all rooms of my house. My idea of safety has allowed more hurt. BUT, The two words, "I SURRENDER" have allowed the walls to fall. It is only by the blood of Jesus that I am free. He is my Protector. 
So here I am. I SURRENDER once again. Break down the walls. Set me free. 

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