Monday, July 20, 2009

The Songstress

There was a little girl who lived in a land far away. Her name was Karmina.* She loved to sing. From the early hours of dawn to the late hours of dusk the villagers could hear her lovely melodies resonating through the village streets. Though there was nothing special about her manner, she was well know throughout the village for her soft, sweet voice. She didn't think she was special. She never imagined her songs could or would take her anywhere in life. But after the encouragement of others in the village, she ventured out to let her voice be heard by surrounding villages. 
Karmina went village by village singing her songs. She was applauded and admired by young and old. Her voice was the talk of what ever village she ventured to. All of the praise began to take control of her. She no longer sang because it was what she enjoyed doing; she sang because of the way the accolades made her feel. She based her worth off of what the villagers said she was. Off of the applause and cheers. 
The accolade of the people was what she dreamed of. She became arrogant and jealous if anyone else tried to sing. Tossing her hair over her shoulder, she performed. But week after week, her crowd of people shrank smaller and smaller. No one wanted to listen to Karmina any longer. They were tired of her arrogance. Her voice no longer was soft and sweet to them. It ad become boisterous and offensive. Her songs were all about her. She no longer sang praises to the King, everything was about her. 
When Karmina realized that no one liked her anymore she was hurt. She felt worthless. She had based her identity off of the praises of the villagers and no longer knew who she really was. She wondered off into the forrest to be alone to think. She vowed in her heart to never sing again. 
The villages were quiet. No one knew how to sing the way Karmina once sang. Though they tried with all their might, no one could sing praises to the king as she once did. The King set out to bring her home. He knew that only He could tell her who she was. He knew she had forgotten what she was created for, to worship the King. 
As Karmina slept, she dreamed of her King and His kingdom. She missed singing so very much. She was afraid to return because she feared the response of the villagers. She feared that they would cast her away because of her past mistakes. She didn't feel like she was worthy to ever sing for the King again. Little did she know, the King himself had already set out on foot to bring her back into his courts. He missed her singing as much as she missed singing for him.
Karmina woke to the King gently calling her name. "Karmina," Karmina was afraid to look him in the eye. She feared what she would see. "Karmina, look at me," the King lovingly whispered. He lifted her chin gently and gazed into her eyes. Karmina saw such love in his eyes it made her want to cry. She never imagined that her King would come searching for her. He left His throne and all His riches to come and rescue her! She was speechless. 
Words will never express the love she felt at that moment. The King lifted her up into His arms and carried her to the castle. He set her down at the table. He fed her, clothed her in the most beautiful gown you have ever laid eyes on, and reminded her who she was. The daughter of the King. 
To this day, you can still hear Karmina's voice sweetly singing praises to her King. When villagers praise her, you will hear her pause, remind them that it was her King that gave her the voice to sing, and then she will continue her song of praise to the King. Karmina realized something we all must. Our gifts and talents are not of our doing. We were given them by the King. The King Himself came to rescue us and we now are able to sit at His table, to stand in His courts and praise Him. He alone is worthy.
The End
*song, songstress

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