Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eyes of Fire

You are seated on the floor in the middle of a room
Brilliant light surrounds you
You hear what sounds like waters rushing
You feel a cool, peaceful breeze

Looking up, your eyes are met by the eyes of One who is indescribable
His eyes seem to pierce through you
They burn deep into your heart
All is laid bare before those Fiery eyes.

Everything in you wants to run
It's terrifying
Your mind is screaming "Run, Hide!"
But your heart hears a whisper

"You are safe here"

You mind screams 
"Run, exposure is painful!"

Your heart replies
"Here I find healing"

You mind argues
"Don't stay, He knows"

You heart rejoices
"When I am known, I can be free"

Here, gazing into the eyes of fire of the One who knows you
You find healing
Your brokenness is made whole
Your heart is restored
You are redeemed
You are rescued
You are free

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