Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just Another Prayer?

Something that the Lord has been challenging me to do lately is to really develop a discipline in prayer. I am definitely disciplined in the Word and spending time with Jesus, more now than I have ever been before in my life! However, my prayer life has honestly been my last effort to help me fall asleep before giving in a taking my sleeping pill. Granted, I've had some pretty amazing prayer times... and it doesn't always help me fall asleep. Sometimes it actually leaves me laying awake crying and journaling and pouring my heart out before the Lord for the next hour. What I want though, is to be able to really labor in prayer. I want to have deep conversations with God throughout my day. Not just moments here and there. I have gotten really good at asking God questions and getting answers, but when I don't get the answers immediately, I have just kind of moved on to something else rather than sticking to it. I don't want to be praying just another prayer of blessing or healing over a hurting friend. I don't want to just casually throw out the names of loved ones that I want to see saved and set free. I want to be disciplined to pray through these things. This morning I realized on my way to school that most of my time is spent driving in my care by myself. Worship music is playing and I am processing through stuff in my head. Those are good times, but how much more effective could those times be if I were to really pray? What kind of fruit would I be seeing in my life and in the lives of those around me if I spent that 90 minutes every Tuesday and Thursday (more if I don't go home after school) in my car praying? What about my 50-60 minutes every weekend driving too and from church? Or how about that hour on days that I work at the group home? If I spent my drive to and from work praying for the girls that I take care of to be saved and delivered and their families to be  restored... wow... what would God do in response to that?!

Jesus, Challenge accepted!

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