Friday, September 21, 2012

Galatians 2:20

I have been learning so much lately. I feel like Jesus is giving me a crash course in like 50 different subjects.

A beautiful sister and I were talking a couple days ago and she shared this picture with me that absolutely blew me away. I have never thought of it like this before. It’s actually a concept that I have struggled to understand up to this point.

When I was in India, the Pastors I had the great privilege of working with amazed me. These men lived dead. When they surrendered their lives to Jesus they died. They no longer focus on their desires. Their only desire is to see Jesus’ will be done. They are such an incredible example of what it means to live a crucified life. I can’t really even begin to express how amazing these men and their wives are. It’s overwhelming to even think about it.

The picture that my sister shared with me was this:

You are drowning in an ocean. You are thrashing around, choking on the water as you try to call for help. You are quickly losing all hope of being saved when you see a Man walk by.

With one last breath you call out for help.

The Man sees you drowning.

He exclaims, “Oh no, you are drowning!! Let me come drown with you!”
He runs out to where you are and begins to drown right next to you.

You both die.

You are dead.
The Man is dead.
Drowned in the ocean.


In three days, the Man comes back to life!

This crazy Man who decided to drown with you rather than save you comes back from the dead.

You are still dead.
You drowned.

The Man is alive.
The Man is living.

You are not.
You drowned.

And with you drowned your sin.

Your failures.

Your mistakes.


All of you.


You did not come back to life.

Jesus did.

He is the one who now lives.
He is the one who is living in your place.

You don’t live.

Those things that drowned with you…
They don’t have any hold on you.

They are gone.

In the sea of forgetfulness.


I know that sometimes I get so caught up in trying to put to death my sinful nature and work my way out of sin.
That’s not how it works.
If not sinning is my goal; sin will be inevitable.
If loving Jesus is my goal; sin will have no hold on me.

When your focus is Jesus, you don’t desire anything but Jesus.
When your focus is on not sinning, you don’t desire anything but sin.

Stop beating yourself up.

Just fall in love with Jesus.

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